Subject Re: [IBO] Searching within a TIB_Query using Locate?
Author Chris at Visible Changes
Thank you Jason for your help. I removed the semi-colon from my SQL
statement and it appears to retrieve the correct record from the Locate
command and proceed on within my application. But, now I get a another
error message from within my C++ Builder 5 once I lose the scope of my
function call for the OnClick event that I am in when calling the Locate
Function. The error message is as follows:

Access Violation at Address 037333B2 write of Address B2B5DEF0

I understand that this is probably not an error message from IBO, but when
ever I comment out the call to Locate I do not get this error message. My
guess is that IBO may be working for retrieving the record but that
something is getting destroyed unneccesarily in the process based on the way
that I am preparing the call to Locate. Am I not preparing the IBO control
properly before the call to Locate. If so can you let me know what I am
doing wrong here?

TIB_Query *Table_Class; // Name of TIB_Query control dropped on form

My Code is as follows:

void __fastcall TForm_JobClass::SearchBack(int Search_Select)
TIB_LocateOptions Search_Options;


Chris Hulsey
Visible Changes, Inc.