Subject Re: [IBO] New sub-release 3.6 Ca
Author Luiz Alves
I want to say: and and I am still getting the errors:

The total errors are:

[Error] IBA_BDataset.IMP(2922): Undeclared identifier: 'SysRecordCount'
[Error] IBA_BDataset.IMP(2922): ';' expected but ':' found
[Error] IBA_BDataset.IMP(2924): Undeclared identifier: 'Result'
[Error] IBA_BDataset.IMP(2924): This form of method call only allowed in
methods of derived types
[Error] IBA_BDataset.IMP(2925): Undeclared identifier: 'CachedInsertCount'
[Error] IBA_BDataset.IMP(2925): Undeclared identifier: 'CachedDeleteCount'
[Error] IBA_BDataset.IMP(2926): Undeclared identifier: 'BufferRowCount'
[Warning] IBA_BDataset.IMP(2926): Comparing signed and unsigned types -
widened both operands
[Error] IBA_Column.IMP(2303): Undeclared identifier: 'GetAsInteger'
[Error] IBA_Column.IMP(2303): ';' expected but ':' found
[Error] IBA_Column.IMP(2306): Undeclared identifier: 'Result'
[Error] IBA_Column.IMP(2306): Undeclared identifier: 'Value'
[Error] IBA_Column.IMP(2312): Undeclared identifier: 'SetAsInteger'
[Error] IBA_Column.IMP(2312): ';' expected but '(' found
[Error] IBA_Column.IMP(2312): '=' expected but ')' found
[Error] IBA_Column.IMP(2315): Undeclared identifier: 'Value'
[Fatal Error] IB_Components.pas(22): Could not compile used unit

PS: Using D4 C/S


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Sent: Friday, December 08, 2000 9:24 PM
Subject: Re: [IBO] New sub-release 3.6 Ca

> > When trying install IBO3.6+3.6A, during rebuild I get:
> >
> > [Error] IBA_BDataset.IMP(2922): Undeclared identifier: 'SysRecordCount'
> You can only install a sub-release on its appropriate base. You need to
> the base and install it into a clean new folder and then the
> Ca patch goes on top of that.
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ