Subject RE: [IBO] Changing the connection
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Keep Server, Path and Protocol in the registry and fill these properties.
This way, IBO assembles the DatabaseName property. This is the way it works.


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> Subject: [IBO] Changing the connection
> Hi all !
> I try do do the following:
> If my app run's for the first time I set up the connection (with
> Connection
> dialog from IBO_Login) and write a registry key with the full path of the
> Database.
> Next time, I read the Path from the Registry, but the server
> name appeares
> in front of Path (ex: 'linux:linux:/tmp/mydb.gdb' instead
> of'linux:/tmp/mydb.gdb').
> I need also to change the Database from my app.
> The problem is that Server, Path and Protocol properties are not updated
> after the connection is made.
> Can anybody tell me the meaning of these properties and how can I use them
> ?
> Thanks