Subject Re: [IBO] Views/Stored Procs in TIB_Query
Author Jason Wharton
I think we should pester Jim or Ann into giving some sort of code to parse
through the BLR to tell if there is a SUSPEND token in it or not. I think
this would help a lot. Writing a UDF for it would be cool too.

Another thing I could do is make an IBO$PROCEDURES table that would contain
two important pieces of information about stored procedures. I also need to
know if they perform any DDL or not. Ideally I should be able to call
RowsAffected and get a sum total of all DML operations performed by the
procedure. Then I would know whether or not to activate the transaction
without having the developer have to set the StoredProcHasDML property.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> > Would it be possible to show views and stored procs in the query
> > builder? It seems that it would be very beneficial for all
> > users, since we probably all use views and stored procedures to
> > increase the level of abstraction in our projects.
> It would be possible but:
> - maybe one would want to tell the difference between tables and views in
> the list
> - there's no safe way to tell if a procedure is a selectable one or not,
> hence you can't be sure if the chosen proc can be used with EXECUTE or
> C.