Subject Re: [IBO] About Updating a join (in a grid)
Author Dietrich Schulten
"Marc Leclerc" <mlpgr@...> schrieb:

> The big question I have is: I there a way to get the same feature (sort)
> using no join but in order to get an editable dataset ?

In a 1:n join you can usually only edit the n-side of the join. Usually
means, if you don't want to write SQL for edit, insert and delete.

Set EditSQL, InsertSQL and DeleteSQL to the sql commands you need to
execute. Jason usually recommends to call a stored proc for joins, that
would mean to put an "execute procedure" in the above properties and
handle the necessary actions in a SP on the server.
All parameters you use for execute procedure lead to editable fields on
your forms.