Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestions for IBO v4
Author Geoff Worboys
> I already have the capability built into IBO to fake a prepared
> statement without having to actually prepare it.
> How does this sound?

Good, we just have to workout how we specify the memory table in the
SQL. Perhaps something like...

BField VARCHAR(60)


BField VARCHAR(60)

(although this would conflict with any tables called "MEMORY").

I dont know what would be the easiest to insert into your existing
parsing routines.

> The one limitation that it does have that comes to mind is it
> would require a live connection and be impacted by whatever is
> going on in the transaction.

I guess the live connection may make it less than 100% useful, but you
cant have everything.

The Transaction I think could be very useful - you could use the
StartTransaction and Commit/Rollback routines to load/save the memory
items to file (or whatever).

> If anyone is feeling brave and would like to get directly
> involved with these developments let me know...

Your best bet is to find someone who actually needs/uses memory tables
already. I have not used one and so I am not entirely sure of
specific requirements. But I'm happy to help where as I can.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing