Subject Re[2]: [IBO] Delphi 3 support with IBO version 4+
Author Carlos H. Cantu
Jason, you can put a on-line poll about this on EGroups ! It's very easy to
start a poll there.


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JA> I think it's better to just zoom ahead to Delphi 4, have a finished product, and
JA> just mark the Delphi 3 portions with To Do's. That way, some developers might
JA> even be able to volunteer with Delphi 3 code later.

JA> I think also that the new versions of several tools since Delphi 5 came out
JA> already support only Delphi 4 up. The Delphi 3 down are maintained as legacy
JA> code. I mean, if you follow their example, support for Delphi 3 below shall be
JA> kept and maintained at IBO ver 3. But IBO ver 4 can proceed with supporting only
JA> Delphi 4 up... That's what the other tools do. (I think)

JA> Joseph Alba
JA> jalba@...

JA> Jason Wharton wrote:

>> I am dropping Delphi 2 for sure but I was wondering how many of you wouldn't
>> mind staying with IBO v3.6 for Delphi 3?
>> Version 3.6 is very solid and I am presuming that all who are using Delphi 3
>> are maintaining legacy code of some sort or another by now and are already
>> content with IBO's current feature set.
>> I will continue to resolve bugs in 3.6 if they do arise and cannot easily be
>> worked around in some way.
>> There are a significant number of very annoying things in Delphi 3. It is
>> actually more work to support it than Delphi 2 because with Delphi 2 I
>> simply didn't include lots in it. Delphi 3 makes some things possible but
>> Delphi 4 finally got things right with the TDataset stuff. Thus, there is a
>> lot more directives on the jump from D3 to D4 and some of them are complex.
>> There's no telling what additional things the next finalized version of the
>> VCL is going to throw at us.
>> I am still committed to supporting Delphi 3 if enough of you are wanting IBO
>> v4 with it. But, it would help things move ahead quicker if I could
>> concentrate IBO v4 on Delphi 4 and above.
>> Please share your opinions and insights.
>> Regards,
>> Jason Wharton
>> CPS - Mesa AZ