Subject Re: [IBO] Restore *.GDB problems...
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:25 PM 01-12-00 -0500, you wrote:
>There is some time, i write a system for somebody with Delphi 3 and in
>Interbase 6.0.
>This week I make a backup (transportable) of the database to put it on my
>server to developpe another application but...
>1- I restore the data by Maintenance/restore.
>2- I try to register the data.gdb and i have a error messages like:
> "Error connecting to the request database" and the Detail Message is
> "DBP Constant (0) is unknow"
>What is it and what i can do?
>Do I make a mistake?

This is not an IBO question !!

But it looks as if you are using an old (known buggy) distribution of
IBConsole. Later versions have fixed the bug you report but IBConsole is
still considered unreliable for backups and restores. Use the command-line


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