Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestions for 4.0
Author Jason Wharton
Is it possible to dynamically load the DLL files?

Would you be so kind as to show me a simple example of how I could utilize

An improvement that may be possible is to have source units instead of the
.rc files and then depending on how things work out I could have the ability
to dynamically bind to them and go from there. Delphi does have the resource
string capability as of version 3(?).

For IBO v4 I am dropping Delphi 2 (and I wish 3 for TDataset) so we will
gain some flexibility to tap into new things.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Suggestions for 4.0

> I have been using RC files for stringresources (I dont' know if they exist
> in Delphi).
> I create DLL files which contains only stringresources of one language and
> in my program I call
> LoadString(ResInstance,ID_XXXX,...).
> When user wants to swap languages I load new DLL
> Back in old times when there was BC++ , I could put all my dialogs,menus
> strings into on dll. This way whole user interface was separated from code
> and could be easily translated with Resource Workshop.
> Riho-Rene Ellermaa
> senior programmer
> Hansabank
> >
> > The whole multi-language aspect of IBO needs to be re-thought
> > out. I would
> > like to do something along these lines.
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