Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery AfterScroll + recordCount problem (not BDE)
Author Jason Wharton
> Sorry for the delay in responding, I have been away on business.
> Yes, there is definitly somthing wronge with .recordCount but I have
> reavaluated my coding style and I recognise that it is better for me
> to count records than to rely on the query which fetches them,
> therefore can you advise me on the following:-
> 1) The best iboAccess component to run a dynamic paramatised
> sql count query.

Use the TIB_Cursor component for all non buffered select statements. Call
the First method (which opens it, thus don't call open and then first) and
get your values from the Fields[0].AsInteger.

I suggest that you do rely on the IBO mechanisms to obtain a record count.
If your query needs special handling use the OnGetRecordCount event.

If there appears to be a problem in the IBO code, lets just get it fixed.
This sounds like a flag that is not being cleared when the count obtained
from the server becomes invalid. If an input parameter changes values it is
no longer holding a valid record count. Perhaps the TDataset layer is not
triggering that flag as it should. I'll be testing and fixing it soon.

> 2) Is it better using IBO + interbase 6 to use select count(*) or select
> count(unique key).

This I'm not sure of. I use the * but if you are concerned about nulls (and
want them omitted) then you may want to include the column. I'm not a SQL

> The afterScroll event is a different matter, it is not something I can
> around easily if at all (although I have looked at the TDataSource
> onDataChange event when the passed TField = nil) and I suspect
> the problem is with suppression rather than extra code needed. What are
> my chances on getting some resolution with this ? If I can help in anyway,
> please let me know.

Well, if you help isolate it I can fix it right away. If I have to do the
work of isolating a case I am not yet fully in touch with I will be in the
hit and miss mode which I do tend to avoid having limited time and lots of
priorities to deal with.

Bear in mind I consider this important and I will isolate it if I have to...

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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