Subject Re: [IBO] When have a query it's data
Author Geoff Worboys
> I have a query FMQuery and in the AfterOpen-Event
> But nothing happens, RecordCount is 0. My question:
> at what time can I access the data ?

IBO maintains various internal flags to prevent infinite recursion, I
suspect you are coming up against such protection. It is always safer
to wait for a state change to complete before relying upon the results
of the state change.

To try and explain it differently. "AfterOpen" should be considered
part of the "Open" (change state to active) processing. So as part of
the dataset becoming active you may change the state of some other
components or whatever. You should always be careful when
manipulating a component inside its own event handler, because of the
possible recursive effects that such manipulations can have. (For
example "First" will open the dataset if not already Active.)

So if you want to process the data simply place your loop where you
open the dataset. Is there any reason why this is not
practical/possible in your instance?

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing