Subject Re: [IBO] When have a query it's data
Author Helen Borrie
It seems you don't have any data. First() will be at both BOF and EOF if
the dataset is empty.

Try this:

At 02:48 AM 02-01-01 +0100, you wrote:
>I have a query FMQuery and in the AfterOpen-Event I want to go through
>the data, but no data is there. It's look like:
>procedure TCustomersDataModule.FMQueryAfterOpen(IB_Dataset:

if FMQuery.IsEmpty then
showmessage('Empty dataset')

> FMQuery.First;
> while not FMQuery.EOF do
> begin
> showmessage('blabla');
> FMQuery.Next;
> end;



If you discover the dataset is empty, it means either there IS no data to
match your SQL or that the Open didn't work.

If the Open didn't work, look to see whether the transaction is either
uncommitted, or not restarted; or whether perhaps the statement is not
receiving the parameter you expect.


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