Subject Re: [IBO] Problems with TwwIBOQuery and Params (Invalid Variant Operation - when opening detailquery)
Author Geoff Worboys

> I've looked into the source of TwwIBOQuery - it is a
> descendant of TIBODataset ! So the problem is in IBO.

But the "events" generated by dataset changes get spread far and wide.
Without a callstack to see where the error is generated it is
difficult to guess exactly where the problem is coming from.

> Can just one of you guys dig into it? If necessary i'll
> provide you with an example (including gdb file).

I dont have InfoPower so I would not be able to build a project that
required IP components. If it is possible for you to reproduce the
problem using TIBOQuery and TDBGrid (or TIB_Query and TIB_Grid) then I
would be happy to investigate further.

Actually I see from another posting that you now have access to the
full source, perhaps you can now get the full callstack and tell us
where the problem is coming from.

Side Note: You know what IBO really needs? Someone with IP to build
IBO-aware versions of the IP components - hint, hint ;-)

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing