Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Masterlinks demo - does not work ?

>Being new to Interbase and IBO, I may simply not understand but I can
>find no way to accomplish what I need.

>When I deleted the master (Employee) record, since the tables were
>linked master/detail, all I had to do was
>With PayControlTable Do
> First;
> While Not Eof Do
> Delete;
>and all pay control records for the employee were deleted.

That's the way it HAS to be done with many "desktop" databases. One of
the many advantages of client server databases is this sort of thing
can be done by the database SERVER, instead of by the client program.

In my documents for IB6, I find the relevant information/techniques in
the file DataDef.pdf under "Defining Integrity Constraints." (Pg 100).

What you'll want to do is, when defining your PayControlTable, specify
a foreign key that references the Employee table and for which you

When an employee record is deleted, Interbase itself will then see to
it that the appropriate PayControlTable records get deleted, too.


Wes Peterson
LexCraft Data Services