Subject Easiest and Cheapest way to convert project
Author Paul Schmidt
I have a project developed in Delphi 2, using Paradox, this needs to
be converted to Delphi 5, using a C/S database, I am seriously
looking at IB for that, since it is the right price. This will
eventually be a commercial product, however as a start-up with few
employees (me) and no gazillion dollar IPO in the near future, I need
to do this as cheap as possible.

I think IBO may be the answer, I can use it with the el-cheapo
version of Delphi. How easy is it to convert from Paradox to IBO? I
have about 50 .dfm and .pas files, and 27 tables, in the project.
Are there any replacements for QuickReports, that are 1) Cheap, 2)
Good, 3) Work with IBO. My tools budget here is < $500 CDN at this



Paul Schmidt,
Tricat Technologies
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