Subject Re: Ace Reporter and IBO
Author Geno
--- In, Art Metz <ametz@n...> wrote:
> Geno,
> > For my reports I a using a TIBOQuery and standard TDataSource and
> > Reporter. Problem is when I try to run the application I get an
> > error that says "qrEmployee.RecordCountAccurate: Property does
> > exist" Has anyone had this problem.
> RecordCountAccurate was added in a very recent version of IBO.
> by itself returns only the number of records already fetched.)
It's unknown
> to the BDE and to TDataset, so I can't imagine that ACE is using it
> looking for it.
> Is it possible that you have a version mismatch somewhere in your
> Try doing a Build All.


Have spoken to Ace. They are not using it. Will try the build all.
Who knows. What I don't understand about Interbase and IBO could
fill a book, several it fact.

Thanks, Geno

> Art Metz
> AMetz@n...