Subject Re: IB_DateTimePicker for TIME field
Author Hug
Well, then, how to control an "only TIME" field on a form?
It's unable to place a data-aware control for it?
Or must I write code for internally assigning, displaying and so on... by
using a non-data-aware Edit ?

Thanks in advance,

>> I don't understand well how IB_DateTimePicker works.
>> I want to use it for a datatype TIME field. I set property Kind=dtkTime,
>> ShowCheckBox=true and Checked=false.
>> I can't set property Date to NULL. It always has a value; even with
>> method...
>> When I put IB_Query on Insert for a new record, and I click to activate
>> IB_DateTimePicker checkbox, I always get error message "12/20/00 is not a
>> valid format time" ! Sure, it's a date!
>> Is there a way to solve this?

>I tried to work around the NULL thing but the control doesn't allow it. It
>always has to have a value. The only thing I could do is all a NULL date
>value and when it is null it shows that particular value.

>Jason Wharton