Subject Re: [IBO] Editing a TIB_Query
Author Helen Borrie

What KeyLinks do you have for this dataset?

Where/what is the primary key?


At 07:43 PM 20-12-00 +0000, you wrote:
>I have a TIB_Query component on a form that has the following SQL:
>, (select finger.finger
>from finger
>finger.idx_finger = glucose.finger) as luFinger
>, (select gevent.gevent
>from gevent
>where gevent.idx_gevt = glucose.gevent) as luEvent
>for update
>to that I have a DataSource component connected and to the DS I have
>an TIB_Update bar. The bar only has the "Edit, Delete, Post & Cancel"
>buttons visible. When I compile and run my app the Update bar is
>greyed out and I cannot edit the data.
>The embeded select statements are linked to 2 lookup tables. I tried
>to follow the examples in the GSG but it looks like I am doing
>something wrong.
>Any ideas what it might be that I am missing????
>Gerald S. Brown

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