Subject Re: [IBO] IB5.6 on Win2000
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:28 PM 19-12-00 -0700, you wrote:
> > Where are you seeing problems with the client?
>My Threads sample application works just fine with IB5.6 but with IB6 is
>freezes up as soon as I kick off another thread. It is a VERY simple app and
>I know that it is an issue with the client.

Charlie Caro has stated that the client is not thread-safe on a local
connection. I currently have inquiries out to the architecty-people to
discover what the cause is, as it clearly has implications for some
server-base middleware applications that rely on threads to pool connections.

> > I am now using it in the field as it has eliminated my problems caused
> > by 5.6 holding connections open. I need to run two threads to clear a
> > problem which I just hide at present, which I was going to fix by
> > running two connections, an I going to get problems?
> > Also Jeff is saying "It's not a bug and will not be fixed!"
>Where did he say that? He's wrong.

Charlie Caro admits it is a bug on local connections but doesn't (so far)
say what, if anything, Borland will do about it.

Ann Harrison and Jim Starkey are working on a fix for Firebird, but that's
probably not too meaningful for a v.5.6 installation. :(

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