Subject Re: [IBO] IB5.6 on Win2000
While I do not intend to use it in production yet, 2000 Server has now
been running for several weeks without a problem( only serving Interbase
5.6 and now 6, and Wingate for internet ), but 2000 Pro has had to be
rebuilt from scratch 3 times, twice since adding SP1.
The problem seems to be that non-microsoft applications are not intended
to be allowed to run until the manufactures have paid for
'certification' from Microsoft.
My customers have indicated that they do not intend to switch in the
next three years and a lot of corporates seem to be doing the same.
Perhaps that is why Microsoft are dropping Win98 from the corporate
pricelist, something that could well backfire as a lot of legacy stuff
simply will not run on 2000 at all.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services