Subject RE: [IBO] Suggestion For IBO 4.0
Author Bram
Jason, I think it will be very hard for you, with all do respect, to create
things like InfoPower and Developer Express.Is it so terrible for us to use
TIboQuery instead of TIB_Query.. According to your help file the difference
in speed is very marginal wich is in the end to only thing that's really
matter to me and is visible to the client. Isn't it better for you to put
your time in further optimising TIboQuery instead of creating a Ledger
Control? As long IBO is not the standard for accessing Interbase with
Delphi, I don't expect a lot of vendors will create special hooks...

Van: Jason Wharton [mailto:jwharton@...]
Verzonden: dinsdag 19 december 2000 07:55
Onderwerp: Re: [IBO] Suggestion For IBO 4.0

I have been wanting to do a TreeView but I recognize just how difficult it
would be to make something generic that would work for the majority of
cases. But, I am already struggling to keep the visual stuff I have now all
rock solid and free of quirks. Steve is right that most of my talent comes
natural in the non-visual stuff. I struggle tremendously to polish up visual
controls. I only did them because in the beginning I had to.

I do hope to see a lot more vendors doing things to make it possible to hook
in non-TDataset versions of their controls. There is so much really good
stuff out there that I think our efforts to integrate with it would be far
better spent than scratching something together.

Here's my current workload for the visual controls.

Fix some outstanding bugs in the TIB_Grid control.
Fix bugs in the TIB_CtrlGrid control.
Finish up a whole bucket load of stuff with the TIB_Ledger control.
I am going to be looking to make this control much nicer and functional than
it is right now. I think it has great potential
Move all of my controls to LINUX. (This is going to be a mammoth task.)
More... too tired to finish this email...


Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ