Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion For IBO 4.0
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:42 PM 19-12-00 +1100, you wrote:

>Jason / Helen,
>What can we do about collating a more formal list of third party IBO
>aware controls somewhere.
>* The egroups files facility is OK, but I think it is really best used
>for temporary file storage rather than a permanent home for such
>things (and lacks the flexibility of assigning links rather than
>files, where an author may prefer to keep files at their own site).
>* The AddOn directory has gotten rather cluttered and out-dated over
>the years. It really needs cleaning out - and I would suggest that,
>rather than replacing it we find a formal, separate, home for third
>party components.
>Perhaps the IBO Community page can become the "IBO Community Third
>Party Components" page. (Bit long for the button, but you get what I
>mean.) When you decide what you need, post a message to this list and
>developers like myself can send our contributions accordingly.
>My I suggest that contributions (and the list on the page) include
>Delphi/C++B version support, IBO version last tested and
>Testing/Production level indication. - along with a description of the
>This way components can be provided to the wider community without
>requiring too much intervention.

It is definitely "do-able" and very easily. What are we waiting for? <g>


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