Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion For IBO 4.0
Author Jason Wharton

I am aware of these items and I am exceedingly grateful for your efforts
here. I'm glad you are letting some of these folks here know that you are a
heavy-weight IBO supporter so that the balance can harmonize here. Let's let
our differences compliment and strengthen the whole.

The only reason I have not gotten out the items you have submitted to the
masses yet is because I have a priority of bug fixes (engine level), support
list, the Getting Started Guide and IBO 4 core engine developments over it.
I hope you will bear with me and remind me if that seems necessary. There is
just oh so much to be done!

I have trusted that if anyone mentioned these on the list that you would
pipe up and let them know there was some things done there. IOW. I didn't
think that my not polishing them up would prevent those who are asking (and
therefore willing to do without some of the polish) would still get them. I
also trusted people would ask as well.

I am certain all of the things I have placed above these was justifiable.
Not to mention earning an honest paycheck from my current full-time employer
and affirming to my children that their daddy loves them enough to spend
time with them consistently.

What I really long for is the time that I can get my current employer
non-dependant of me and I can dedicate myself to the whole InterBase/IBO
endeavor. I am using the revenue that comes in from sales to do as much for
the product development I can. I have some goals that should be attained
within 6 months to allow this to happen.

What will really help this along is if everyone who hasn't yet submitted
their trustware revenue will do so. A big part of the goals are financial
because removing my full-time salary and excellent benefits to give my
full-time effort to IBO is not an easy pill to swallow.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ