Subject RE: [IBO] Suggestion For IBO 4.0
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:21 PM 18-12-00 -0500, you wrote:
>I think the best feature would be to somehow have a regular datasource see
>Tibo_query's, then we could use any 3rd party tool like the components from
>DevEx without resorting to TIBOQuery conversions. Since, I know you don't
>think that's posibil, I would like a native datatree. Note, A while back an
>IBO_TREE was included in the add-on section without any documnetation or
>samples included. Perhaps this would make a nice addition.

You seem confused. Are you talking about TIBOQuery or TIB_Query?

If TIB_Query, you are asking the impossible.

TIBOQuery is a TDataset descendant that allows you to use the Delphi
datalinks so that you can use controls and 3-P stuff that depend on
those. The native IBO stuff conveys the datalinks info to its own
datasource and thence to its controls, under an entirely different
system. The native IBO data access objects don't even touch the native
Delphi TDataset so there is nothing in the architecture that can make the
datalinks to the Delphi TDatasource. The IBO datasource has a whole world
of server-centric stuff in it that is not addressed at all by the
TDataset/TDatasource architecture.

If you look at the Help file, you can track the inheritance trees of the
components by clicking on the Hierarchy link. If you compare the native
IBO hierarchy with the native Delphi hierarchy, you'll see the
"barriers". And that's without even starting to think about DBExpress
that's coming along in Delphi 6 to replace the BDE for C/S database


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