Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IB_EditEnh. Own error handling, how ?
Author Geoff Worboys

> I'm a bit surprised, because I thought IBO is Jason's
> one person project. :-)

I needed enhanced mask processing. Jason was kind enough to allow me
to make the changes necessary to the base IBO code - in turn I allow
him to distribute the mask and edit units which make use of this

> >(you are not using the DateTime
> > editor from the EnhComponents pack?)
> I don't use TIB_DateTimePicker, because these date fields
> are partof a datacapture screen with many other fields,
> and the customers don't like to fill fields with comboboxes.

You may be interested in trying out some of the controls in the collection available from the registered users
download site. Mostly these are controls based on CustomEditEnh,
including a new ComboBox and a DateTime control which (IMO) operate
more smoothly for data entry than controls based on the windows API
based controls.

> > This would allow you to attach extended validation
> > processing that could check the datetime conversion
> > before it gets to the column assignment.
> This exactly is what I need, and what I was looking for.
> I have a deadline on the beginning of january.

With the deadline so close my best suggestion is that I send you a
copy of the new EditEnh control privately. You will not be able to
use the collection with this new version (the
collection needs updating to support all the changes that I have

> Just another question:
> How can I get the string from the EditEnh (during the edit) ?
> I tried with Text and DisplayText but I always get back
> the actual datafields containment not the text what I can
> see in the editbox.

DisplayText is designed to return the true API text value of the
control. CustomEditEnh is based on CustomEdit. DisplayText is
retrieved as...

function TCustomEditEnh.GetDisplayText: string;
Result := inherited Text;

If this is not working then I am not sure what the problem must be. C
an you explain in more detail what is happening, perhaps you can send
me a demonstration of the problem.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing