Subject Re: [IBO] RAVE4.0
Author Jim Gunkel
At 12:34 PM 12/15/2000, you wrote:
>Actually, I did that. They have yet to contact me though. I'm thinking
>of calling them, but I haven't bought RAVE yet, so they might not be
>willing to help. Of course, I'm not GOING to buy until I can get my
>reports to print with data :) so they might be willing to.

Answered privately. As I mentioned in the email you will soon receive,
we're in the final stages of the Rave 4 release (which includes several new
features including a reporting server for delivering reports in PDF or HTML
over the web, a Query Builder and native IBO connections among many other
things) and are only processing email once a day until after the
release. Direct email or a phone call are the best modes to reach
us. Thanks for your interest,

Jim Gunkel
Nevrona Designs