Subject Re: [IBO] Generator problem
Author Daniel Rail
Look at the property GeneratorLinks of TIBOTable. You can define your
generator link between the field CUSTNO and the generator by using the
format: CUSTNO=your generator. This works fine for me. Also, check the
DefaultValues property, this might come in handy and can save some lines of
code. You'll find a lot more possibilities with IBO than with IB
Express. I've converted a very big application(approx. 200 datasets and
over 150,000 lines of code excluding components) from BDE to IBO 5 months
ago and still is stream lining it as I find some better ways in
coding/using with IBO.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
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At 2000-11-30 11:05, you wrote:
>I have an application that used IB6 and the standard IB stuff that
>came with D5. I have a generator that implements a autoinc field for
>my customer number. Using the standard IBTable, all worked fine.
>Recently I converted IB Objects and replace the IBTable with the
>TIBOTable. The application works fine with existing records but I
>can no longer add new records. I get an error that says "CUSTNO must
>have a value". For some reason the generator that worked using the
>IBTable no longer works using the TIBOTable. Can anyone assist?