Subject Re: [IBO] RecordCount
Author Lucas Franzen
Shane van de Vorstenbosch schrieb:

> One other suggestion would be to also put in a RecordCountNotZero. It would
> appear to me that the two most common uses for the RecordCount is to loop
> through the records or to test to ensure that the query returned some data.

NO. This is can be accomplished MUCH BETTER with the described methods
IsEmpty, EOF, etc.
(Beside that it was bad idea with BDE, too, and could also be avoided by
checking the primary key field for NULL)

I just looked through my code and I found several RecordCounts, too.

In most cases it's for reports where the users want to see something
happening and they don't care if it takes 5 or 10 or 15 seconds to
accomplish the task as long as they see how much of it is done ... <g>

I think what I could need most is a method like:


which would indicate me that there's just ONE record (no Record is
already covered ..) OR if there is more than one (no matter tehre are 2
or 2 millions of them) - since then I've got to show a select form (for