Subject Re: [IBO] recordcount.. more used than i thought
I have be converting a lot of code over. Most is now complete, but what
has helped is being able to deal with the sort of problem you have

Where rccordcount had been used I had a slow piece of code, and
replacing it with a more IBO / client-server friendly piece of code made
a lot of difference.

I accept that the difference between BDE on IBO responces can be a
problem, but I have found BDE was not always correct anyway if there had
been a lot of adding and deleting of records in different 'states' of
commit. So replacing may clear problems that you did not know you had

I can't remember if Jason includes 'recordcount' in the list of things
to be careful of, but you know where the problem is and addressing it
manually will give better results than trying to get a generic result
that may still be wrong.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services