Subject Re: [IBO] Re: .RecordCount doesn't have the same functionality as with BDE
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:46 PM 28-11-00 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Dennis !
> > mostly i just run through a table with first and next, testing for
> >eot. I don't think i use recordcount for anything but display
> >purposes. But i'll check the program one of these days just to be
> >sure...
>I'll do the same... But it would have been nice if the .RecordCount
>have been accurate, but as long as there is a solution then...

Why do you need RecordCount? It is unreliable in a multi-user environment,
even if were efficient, which it is not, because it requires a full-table
scan each time it is run. It can only be considered "accurate" if run over
a table which is accessed by a single user and which is not subject to
transaction control, i.e. a fileserver database like Paradox with only one
user capable of updating a table.

Can you explain what you are using RecordCount for, then perhaps one of us
can provide you with an effective and accurate way to achieve that purpose,
e.g. in client/server, you never use RecordCount to determine whether any
records are present in a table or dataset; and, if your application wants
to know counts of objects, you store and maintain the counts specifically
with triggers on inserts and deletes.


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