Subject Re: [IBO] Need help w/convesrsion of "inmemory" table.
Author Dennis Fantoni
The reasons i considered ibo was that it seemed to be faster than BDE when
working with interbase.

The decision to try to evaluate it by porting a few projects was when we
decided to do some web programming, and everyone said everywhere that BDE
and isapi doesn't work reliably.

Also looked at ibexpress, but as i'm still with D4 it seemed to be a better
path to use ibo. Also seemed that porting to ibo was easier than ibexpress.

I don't use many db aware controls in my programs. I allways try to avoid
them at all costs. With the BDE they simply didn't work reliably enough for
me, and a program using them ended up being a spaghetti of event handlers
and whatnot. I've seen all the cool ibobject database aware components in my
palette, but i'll still try to see if i can get along with userinterfaces
that doesn't know anything about where the data is stored.

I implement this with objects representing the tables, and methods in the
objects for storing and retrieving data.

The storing and retrieving of data is implemented in a base object, and all
tables have a unique field with the same name, so all i had to do was to
rewrite this base object and make it fix the insert trigger to check for
null, and then the entire application worked again.

Dennis Fantoni

C/S Developer ( Delphi & Interbase ) at Danasoft A/S -

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Need help w/convesrsion of "inmemory" table.

> It was one of my reasons for using it. Now that I have got rid if BDE (
> for the second time ) life is a lot easier. IBObjects + kbmmem run all
> my 32 bit projects.