Subject Re: [IBO] Installing eval version
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:49 PM 22-11-00 +0200, you wrote:

>I am having difficulty installing the IBO eval version. I am using D5
>Enterprise. I browsed through the downloaded files looking for install
>instructions, but to no avail. I tried a couple of options but got the
>following error 'can't find IBConstants.dcu'

Three questions:
1. Is IBConstants.dcu amongst the files you unzipped?
2. Do you have an environment path pointing to the directory you unzipped
it to?
3. Did you look in the Help file for installation instructions? Perhaps
this will save you the trouble:

Evaluation Version

Unzip the IB_Objects.ZIP in your chosen directory for the components.

In the same directory, unzip the corresponding Dx_DCU.ZIP file for D4 or D5
in order to provide critical DCU files for which the source has been
withheld. You will not be able to install the components without doing
this. Delphi 2 & 3 require a separate download to get the and files.

In Delphi 4 open the package source file IBO_D4.DPK and then do a build and
install of the package. In Delphi 5 it is IBO_D5.dpk. You do this by
choosing "File - Open" from the menu and then choose "*.dpk" file type.

This version will cause a welcome message to appear if you run your
application outside of the IDE.



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