Subject Re: Convert from initial firebird release to current version of firebird
Author p51b.mustang
> Typically one does not jump too many versions ahead. Weren't you aware of
> previous versions in that many years?
Yes so true but, despite my pleas, the powers that be at the site did not want to change anything. And now, they are having memory problems.
> And gbak didn't produce any error message?
No 2.5 version of backup just process as normal.

> If you didn't get any error with the other methods, I wonder if you are
> ignoring some warnings you may have gotten with this second method. Ideally,
> it should not fail, but many changes have happened between v0.94 and v2.5
> and gbak may or may not fix everything.
This is what I thought, but record counts and ad hoc visual checks indicate alls well. Although, I can not do a complete compare of the data. The only difference from old database to new was an increase in file size; which I expected.

> Metadata may not be as clean as wanted.
> Worse, metadata may not be 100% reliable. I mean, some adjustments in the
> way some automatic triggers are defined may produce surprises (automatic
> triggers are those that implement views' check option, cascade referential
> integrity and check constraints). The new versions are also more strict in
> the validations they perform and the DSQL they accept.
> Try to extract metadata and see if it makes sense.
Shall do. Thanks for your helpful comments.