Subject Re: conversion of sql server stored proc
Author ptpics99
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> >Could anyone convert this for me please?
> Well, yes, someone could, but why don't you learn Firebird's procedural SQL language (PSQL) yourself? MSSQL Server is the only dbms that uses VBScript for stored procedures...

Firstly, thanks for converting this.

I have already learned a good deal of PSQL but having spent over a couple of hours unsuccessfully trying to get this particular procedure created and running without error I thought I'd better ask the experts.

> As a one-time guideline to your other conversions (please don't expect someone to do your conversions for you unless you are prepared to pay!):

It was just a single example of a small procedure that was proving difficult to convert. Now that I have this example for reference and I can see where I was going wrong, I should be able to do the remainder myself.

> Also read up about generators (sequences). They are more efficient for getting the value of an incrementing integer/BigInt series and are not prone to multi-user conflicts. The function GEN_ID(GeneratorName, step) returns the next value of the named generator, while the step specifies the difference between the previously generated value and the one you want.

I am quite familiar with these but in the first instance I need to be able to keep things as similar as possible between the MSSQL and FB incarnations.

Regards, Paul.