Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] ib6 to csv or txt or sql
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:58 AM 25/10/2010, titititi_totototo wrote:
>I have a file 'comp.ib6'. I thing it's an interbase 6 file. I don't know what is the structure (fields etc.) of the file and I don't have IB server.
>I'm under linux (I use mysql and actually I'm testing firebird) and I would like to convert it or import it.
>Is it possible ? How can I do that ?

If it is indeed an IB6 database file then you will be able to open it in Firebird 1.0.3, links here:

and inspect it using the isql utility in Firebird's /bin directory (not the one that comes with Mysql!) or Flamerobin (

Convert or export to mysql via text files (csv, txt)? There are export tools around that can do that, although not all are capable of extracting data from BLOBs. Flamerobin might be able to accomplish that for you, or you might like to have a go with the trial version of dbFile: