Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] Compatibilily with Firebird 2.0 embedded
Author Ann W. Harrison
> Hi, first i must say i am a newbie in Firebird.
> I have a database created with Firebird 1.5 , now i have installed
> firebird 2.0 . Also i am using ibexpert .
> It's there some incompatibilities ? I must follow some rules to import
> from old version of Firebird?
> I open my database with IBexpert ,i say Server version : firebird 2.0
> and see that is working. It's ok?

That's OK. Firebird V2.0 will read and update databases created by
Firebird 1.5. To get the full benefit of V2.0 features, backup and
restore the database with V2.0.