Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] "Do not recognize table attribute 18" when converting from IB 7.5 to FB 1.5.3
Author Ann W. Harrison
steffenschopf wrote:
> Hi folks,
> when I backup a database using IB 7.5 and restore it on FB 1.5.3 ist
> says "Do not recognize table attribute 18 -- continuing". Besides that
> everything works fine and the database looks good afterwards. Does
> anyone know this error and what it means (impacts)?

It means you backed up the database with the IB 7.5 gbak rather
than the Firebird gbak - but you got away with it because the
backup format is (moderately) forgiving (on a good day). Borland
has added something to the system metadata that differs from the
ODS-10 format that InterBase 6.0 and Firebird use. Whatever it
is, you've lost it, but you would have lost it anyway if you used
the Firebird gbak because our gbak wouldn't know to ask about the