Subject RE: [IB-Conversions] Access 2003 to FB 1.5
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
delphifirebird wrote:
> I'm about to port an Access database to FB 1.5. The front end will be
> written in Delphi 7.
> I'm a newbie to this group. Any "gotchas" or suggestions before I
> plunge into this endeavor?
> (I've used IB a fair amount in the past, have been using FB for a
> month, and have been using Delphi for 10 years).

Then you know already that fields are either case sensitive or case
insensitive in IB/FB whereas Access may use [...] to accept names written in
mixed case that will be accepted as if they were in upper case.

Some queries may be accepted in Access and IB. FB is more picky: in joins,
if a field name appears in more than one table and you don't write
table.field, the query is rejected for being ambiguous: which table does the
field belong? While a nuisance at first glance, it avoids random query
results that plague IB.