Subject RE: [IB-Conversions] Speed
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
nevillerichards wrote:
> Running Firebird 1 on a Win NT Server, Client Win 2000.
> Application inserting thousands of rows into a single table.
> Performance is seriously slow. Neither Client nor Server
> machines are running anywhere near 100% CPU, but Server seems to
> be doing a lot of HD access. Server has only 32Mb memory, but
> Firebird is using only 2Mb of that. Would it be useful to get
> NT Firebird to use more of available memory, and how?

Since you aren't posting a specific question about porting from other RDBMS
to Firebird (that's the purpose of this list), please take the topic to the
firebird-support list. You will find many app devs there. If you can't
afford the e-mail traffic, you can subscribe, set your options to not
receive anything and use the NG interface instead to post and read.
Thank you.