Subject RE: [IB-Conversions] Unsupported data type BigInt
Author Marcelo
AFAIK, the tool was never updated for FB 1.5.

Metadata generation and execution were made in different steps, though, and
the tool can reload a migration script. Part of the intent of this design
was to allow users to modify the metadata scripts with a compatible type
(probably removing columns and adding columns with defaults works as well,
in addition to removing constraints and some other tweaks). The migration
guide should provide help on selecting the appropriate data type.

As Claudio mentioned, I'm currently working for MS. Not only would it feel
kind of weird to work on a tool that specifically targets migrating users
from MS SQL and Access to IB/FB, but it also happens that work is extremely
hectic and I really don't have the energy in my spare time to invest more
time in this.

Still, I love IB/FB and the user community with passion, and I like to keep
updated on what's going on. Life is long and full of surprises, so who knows
on what might I end up working tomorrow...

Best regards to all,

P.S.: anybody near the Seattle area?

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Subject: RE: [IB-Conversions] Unsupported data type BigInt

Helen Borrie wrote:
> I expect the author will fill you in with details, but I'm guessing he
> has updated the tool for FB 1.5 and, in his docs, might possibly have
> overlooked backward compatibility with release 1.0xxxx...which is
> still the current stable version of Firebird.

Sorry, but I'm not sure. Last word I hear from Marcelo was that he was
moving from Argentina to the US (and that he would join MS, so he would have
to abandon FB), but this was several months ago.