Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] About IBReplicator ...
Author Helen Borrie
This is the wrong list - it's for converting non-IB databases to Firebird
or IB.

Take it to ib-support ( -
though you might get more direct help by contacting the IBReplicator folk
directly. It's not an open source or free product.

Oh, and please don't post HTML messages to our lists...thks - set your
email client to plain text.


At 10:06 AM 22-04-02 -0400, you wrote:
> Does anybody knows how install IBReplicator and which is the correct
>version for IB 6.01 or FireBird 1.0.0 ? I downloaded IBReplicator 1.1.1 and
>IBReplicator manager (this from Borland, I think).
> I can't configure Replication in FireBird. With IBReplicator 1.1.1
>or IBRep manager I receive errors. I wanna use FireBird because is free, but
>I need the replication too.

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