Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] More problems .... field types
Author Marcelo Lopez Ruiz
In my experience, quoted identifiers are a one-way street. I played with
them only enough to realize they were case-sensitive, and then stopped
using them at all.

My personal advice is to use underscores. This will be the default in
the next release. Quoted identifiers were chosen initially because many
Access developers are used to escaping identifiers like so: select *
from [Employee]

ISO8859_1 should not make any difference... it only specifies the
default character set for VARCHAR and CHAR columns that do not specify
one explicitly (as far as I understand it).

//2 should have worked, as far as I understand it, but again, I never
tested it thoroughly - too many helper tools are case-insensitive and
cause problems.



sanjayamatya wrote:

>During conversion from Access to GDB (using sql2gdb) used the
>following option:
>Name map method: Use quotes (dialect 3 only)
>After conversion, the SQL string I can use is:
>This worked: select * from "Employee" //1
>This did not work: select * from Employee (note the table name
>provided is case sensisitive and is supplied exactly as in table) //2
>Aren't //1 and //2 both supposed to work. If //1 is the only way,
>does it mean all SQL strings in app have to be changed?
>Strange enought, one time during conversion I provided the option:
>character set = ISO8859_1 (in sql2gdb) and //2 did work. But next
>time I tried, the same thing didn't work????
>Pls advise.