Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] Error during conversion - II
Author Marcelo Lopez Ruiz
I don't have much time to look at the logs right now, but for the 'table
not found' syndrome, the best thing to do is check whether you used
quoted identifiers (the default). If you did, then you have to use them
again, eg.

SELECT * FROM "MyTable" /* this is case-sensitive when in quotes */

Personally, I prefer underscores - makes for much more portable code.

To everyone: should I change the default? You just don't know how many
times I've seen this...

If this doesn't work, just let me know and I'll spend some time looking
into it.



sanjayamatya wrote:

>A simple database got converted to gdb fine. But could access only
>one of the tables using commaand "select * from tblAAA". While trying
>to execute this command for other tables produced following error:
>Dynamic SQL Error
>- SQL Error code = -204
>- Table Unknown
>- tblAAA
>- At line 1, column 15