Subject Re: [IB-Conversions] Conversion, how to start?
Author Helen Borrie
but let's first understand what I was offering in IB-Priorities yesterday...

I've done this parallel thing with InterBase and MSSQL 6.5 so I understand
some of the gotchas.
So I said "If nothing comes forth, I could help you" - meaning, if you
decided to support your contact through his conversion, I'd be glad to be
there to try and provide input in some problem areas.

(I regarded my 12 months with MSSQL as an experience in writing workarounds!)

And we should make this experience useful by documenting what was done.

Like you, I hope others who have done this transition will come forward.

FWIW, I converted an Access database to InterBase absolutely painlessly. I
have to add that, because I designed the Access database with conversion
**in mind**, much of the Delphi datamodule code was designed to be
pseudocode for the SPs and triggers in the IB database.

Anyway - let's see how it rolls...


At 02:41 AM 19-06-00 -0400, you wrote:
>Helen, now that we are probably the first and only people here, <grin> how
>do we start?
>I never believed we would have our own list!
>Perhaps one way would be to ask people for their concerns about a
>Claudio Valderrama C.
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