Subject ANN: CopyCat LiveMirror 1.2
Author Jonathan Neve
Microtec is pleased to announce a new release of our database mirroring
and backup tool : CopyCat LiveMirror version 1.2 !

LiveMirror makes it trivial to setup a one-way replication setup between
two Firebird databases, so that you can easily have a reliable,
up-to-date backup at your fingertips, at all times.

For more information about CopyCat LiveMirror, have a look at our
product page :

Changes in this release:

* Added an option allowing you to specify a list of tables to exclude
from replication.
* Added an option allowing you to manually create or remove CopyCat
meta-data (system tables and triggers) from your databases.
* Add button to synchronize manually.
* If no primary key is available, LiveMirror will now use any available
unique index to identify the rows to replicate.
* Fixed a bug causing incorrect date/time formatting for date fields
used in primary keys in dialect 1 databases.
* Corrected a refresh problem : if you kill the service from the task
manager, the “Started” label does not get refreshed in the LiveMirror

Best regards,
Jonathan Neve

PS : Sorry for the duplicate : the link was broken in the previous