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Hi Marina,

I've posted to this url:

following a copy of my other question

I'm just starting to use FIBPlus and replacing IBX to my application which connected to FireBird ver. 2.0 need help on the following questions:
1) What is the replacement of IBX > TIBQuery in FIBPlus?
2) TpFIBDatabase has a methode of CloseDataSets which close all TpFIBDataSet within TpFIBDatabase connection (hope my understanding correct), how about all TpFIBtransaction, does it closed (Commit or Rollback) as well (with IBX, I used to provide 1 transaction for every Dataset, Query, Storeprocedure).

Thank you for all comments in advance

Ricky Lie

Thank you

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> Hello Ricky,
> >Thank you, I look forward for your documentation, that someone from devrace response to my question is my surprise, I've posted other newbie question to dedicated devrace - newsgroup none answered to me.
> I will check this as well, as we provide support in the online Support
> Center and on our forum, we do not use any newsgroups any more. Thank
> you for your feedback, I am sending a response to your request now.
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