Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Re: IBUtils goes OPEN SOURCE
Author Doug Chamberlin
aleskahanek wrote:>
> I have looked at the truecrypt and it seems that everything (binaries, sources, news, forum, ...) is at and has only links to What is the role of the then?

Perhaps it was not the best example, but it was the one that came to
mind at the time. The point is that many projects create an external web
location as a public face for the project and then store core pieces at
sourceforge. This allows you to make use of the sourceforge facilities
that you do not wish to implement yourself while at the same time
providing a stable public presence in case you decide to move the code
base, et al, to another home.

On second thought, I think is a great example because over
time it has become so popular that is has moved more and more of its
assets off of sourceforge. All without needing to move from as its home. That is why today you find it hard to see
the value sourceforge has for this project.