Subject Re: [firebird-tools] IBUtils goes OPEN SOURCE
Author Thomas Smekal
Hi Ales,
I would be happy to consider taking over the development of IBUtils
assuming that IBObjects would be replaced as the first item. I have all
possible years of Delphi development (started with the first field test)
and my preferred database is Firebird.
I am open to suggestions as to which way to move from IBObjects, UIB is
one of the choices.

aleskahanek wrote:
> Hi,
> maybe you know the freeware visual tool IBUtils for Interbase/Firebird
> (
> <>). The application IBUtils
> is designed for simlifying database design for Interbase and Firebird
> databases by showing the links between the tables in your database
> visually, like some CASE tools do. Every change to the tables in your
> database made by other tools can be refreshed by one mouse click. You
> can create tables and tables relations too. Changes to database are
> logged into a file.
> It is my personal project and I developed it within my free time. The
> last version was released 3 years ago (quite a long time :)) because I
> am engaged in other projects and do not have time to do anything with
> IBUtils. So I definitely decided to OPEN THE SOURCES so that anybody
> can proceed the development of this tool or include it in his/her
> software. Now I know that I should have done it earlier.
> I do not have experience with open source development so I do not
> know, what is the best way to open the sources of IBUtils. Should I
> create a project at SourceForge? What licence to use - GPL, LGPL or
> some other?
> There is on thing important to say: I do not want to be engaged in the
> IBUtils development due to lack of time. I can help only a little to
> explain some piece of code if needed. So it would the best if there
> was somebody, who can take over the leadership of this project.
> IBUtils uses pure access to Interbase/Firebird with the excellent IB
> Objects, without need to use BDE by Jason Wharton. IB Objects is not
> freeware, so this part should be changed to use some other
> connectivity, but this could be done easily.
> Anybody interested?
> Ales

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