Subject Re: [firebird-tools] IBUtils goes OPEN SOURCE
Author Werner F. Bruhin
Hi Ales,

aleskahanek wrote:
> Hi,
> maybe you know the freeware visual tool IBUtils for Interbase/Firebird ( The application IBUtils is designed for simlifying database design for Interbase and Firebird databases by showing the links between the tables in your database visually, like some CASE tools do. Every change to the tables in your database made by other tools can be refreshed by one mouse click. You can create tables and tables relations too. Changes to database are logged into a file.
> It is my personal project and I developed it within my free time. The last version was released 3 years ago (quite a long time :)) because I am engaged in other projects and do not have time to do anything with IBUtils. So I definitely decided to OPEN THE SOURCES so that anybody can proceed the development of this tool or include it in his/her software. Now I know that I should have done it earlier.
> I do not have experience with open source development so I do not know, what is the best way to open the sources of IBUtils. Should I create a project at SourceForge? What licence to use - GPL, LGPL or some other?
> There is on thing important to say: I do not want to be engaged in the IBUtils development due to lack of time. I can help only a little to explain some piece of code if needed. So it would the best if there was somebody, who can take over the leadership of this project.
> IBUtils uses pure access to Interbase/Firebird with the excellent IB Objects, without need to use BDE by Jason Wharton. IB Objects is not freeware, so this part should be changed to use some other connectivity, but this could be done easily.
> Anybody interested?
It would be very good if the project keeps going, it is a very useful tool.

Can you maybe give a bit more detail on what development tools are
involved? It would also be interesting to know how large the code base is.

I also think that for this to be successful you would need to be able to
dedicate a bit of time to the project, at least during the hand over.

I think a more "open" license like LGPL (or similar) would be a good choice.

Besides sourceforge you could also consider