Subject Re: [firebird-tools] Re: [ANN] Firebird SQL 2 setup for full install (unofficial setup)
Author Milan Babuskov
zaher dirkey wrote:
>>At 1st of September we'll make a new release of FlameRobin (version
>>0.7.5), that should have full support for FB2.0 features. It would be
>>good if you you could build a new package then.
> That is good news for me becuase i mergriate my work to 2.0 and have
> some problems with "Execute Block" in Flamerobin.

Could you please tell what are the problems? I'd like to test it with
0.7.5 before we release it.

Also, feel free to submit a bug report whenever you encounter some
problem. Either at our bug tracker:

or via mailing list:

Milan Babuskov